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H.E.L.P. When You Need It Most.

We at City Alarm are proud to announce our new medical alert units, marketed under the name HELP – which stands for Health & Emergency Life Protection.

Our medical alert units are the best in the market – bar none – taking all the guess work that you’re probably used to out of the equation.

Key Features

Easy to Use

It’s as simple as pushing the button. The unit can be worn around the neck, or on a belt clip, so it’s always in reach when you need it.

The pendant runs on AAA batteries, which are fully-supervised, so you’ll always know it’s up and running correctly.


Our units are available under different plans in order to reach more people in need.

We can install it without charging any installation fees.

We can offer absolutely zero term, so our customers can use it when they need it, and then give it back when they don’t.

We believe in allowing this kind of amazing lifestyle flexibility.


The unit is fully-supervised – which means if the battery happens to run out, or maintenance is required, the unit lets you know and also advises the central station.

You can also test the unit anytime, for any reason. Even if just to be sure it’s still working. We will never have a problem with that – we want you to feel secure at all times.

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