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Theft, Burglary and Vandalism Can Destroy a Business.
It's Time to Fight Back.

With city alarms your business may be protected by:

Criminals don’t care what the size of your business is, big or small; you need commercial alarms systems to protect your business. Some companies’ need 24/7 video surveillance inside and outside their property for monitoring at a central point, onsite or offsite. Further, some companies require sophisticated intrusion detection solutions to guard against crime.

City Alarm is here to upgrade your security, keeping your employees and property safe. Ward off criminals with advanced business security systems that treat the avoidable risks of monetary loss including theft, and vandalism. City Alarm will handle alarm system installation from zero to hero. In Winnipeg, many companies trust City Alarm to install and maintain their security systems. City Alarm is a family business with the combined experience of 150 years in serving organizations of all sizes, scales, and across different industries.

With City Alarm your business may be protected by:

  • Secure Real-Time and Event-Triggered Video
  • Complete control over all access points to your facility
  • Remote Alarm System
  • Smart phone arming and disarming
  • Setting up a network of CCTV cameras at one or more facility
  • Establishing multi-layered protection for a campus of buildings
  • Email or text alerts + event reporting
  • Environmental controls
  • Guard response
  • Fire systems

City Alarm provides a team of expert technicians and an extensive selection of the best commercial security systems available on the market today, and we update it constantly. We carry alarm and security systems from the elite brands in Canada and the world including E, Interlogix, DSC, and 2GIG, Honeywell, Kantech, and Keyscan.

We only install tried and true alarm systems!

At City Alarm, the first step we take with every security system installation project is assessing the needs of every commercial client.

Every business has their safety requirement, depending on its industry, property, size, and scope. Our team includes designers who help plan and execute state of the art security systems. Once the plan is ready, our technicians begin the installation process making sure that it’s functioning to its fullest capacity.

Over the decades, City Alarm partnered with banks, hospitals, real estate companies, transportation and logistics enterprises, and schools, and we want to help you secure your business. Not only do we install the alarm system, but we also upkeep, maintain, monitor, and do routine checkups to make sure everything is running as it should. Through building a partnership with City Alarm, you can rest assured that you are building an honest business relationship with one of the top security experts in Winnipeg. With our in-depth understanding of your business combined with our experience, we can deliver commercial security that produces tangible results.

If you are looking for quality, experience, and integrity, don’t look for any other security company in Winnipeg except City Alarm. You don’t have to because we are the largest, oldest, and most trusted in Winnipeg. So why choose others and Not City Alarm?

Just ask our past and current customers about us, and you’ll know why City Alarm is your best choice.

Give us a call (204-947-2020) either for new installation or to improve on what you already have. Let our cultivated customer service send over one of our licensed commercial security consultants to see what we can do for you. Join the myriad of Winnipeg happy businesses that depend on City Alarm to fulfill their security needs.

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