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I have an older alarm system and don’t want to upgrade, can you work with it?
Absolutely. While other companies will try to upsell you into a new alarm system, we understand that not everyone wants a brand new system. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

That’s why we pride ourselves in being able to handle any alarm system you could possibly own. Our 2 head technicians have a combined 55 years of alarm tech experience, enabling us to work with virtually any situation you may have. Rest assured, we can do it!

I have a door contact that’s not working after I had put in a new door – can you fix it?
Absolutely. We can put in a brand new door contact at no cost to you, as long as you’re converting your monitoring to us, and the wiring going into the door has not been destroyed.
How long does installation take?
For a typical alarm system, we will be in and out in no more than 4-5 hours. We do everything we can to be as less of an obstruction to your lifestyle as possible.
Do you have any promotions running right now? What are the benefits of becoming a City Alarm customer?
We do run promotions from time to time – for the most up to date offerings, please give us a call at (204) 947-2020.

There’s great benefits to becoming a City Alarm customer. When you walk into our office or call us on the phone we address you by your name, not a corporate identification number that you’re probably used to being called by other companies.

Other alarm companies like to push extended warranties on you – where you pay and pay, and by the time you’re done you could have bought the product 2-3 times over. You are always far better off getting the best wholesale price available, and simply paying for any services as they come along.

We warranty our installation 100%. The worst thing that could happen is if your control panel breaks. With us, we have programs in place to look after our customers. We’ll give you brand new control panel, key pad, power supply, and you won’t pay a dime for them. All that we ask is you pay the installation labor; a tremendous savings to you – we always make sure your alarm system stays up and running.

How do the door contacts work? Don’t they break a lot?
The door contacts work with a sensor and magnet. The sensor is placed on the frame, while the magnet on the door itself. When the magnet moves out of range from the sensor – the alarm system is immediately triggered and a breach is detected.

Each starter package will come with two door contacts.

There’s a big difference in door contacts out there as well. An alarm company giving you the cheapest prices are probably giving you the cheapest product. Companies can go out and buy a door contact for less than a dollar. Or, they can buy something like we use that’s good for 20 million open and closes before it breaks down.

That’s a reflection of all our equipment – you’ll have long sold and moved out of your home before you are replacing any of these products.

I heard these systems are all prone to false alarm. Is that true?
It’s definitely not true, although many of our clients initially feel that way before switching over to us.

The reality is that the men who install the system make it prone to false alarm, and not the system itself. It’s caused by inexperienced technicians and a lack of knowledge.

Proper setup, with a correctly positioned motion detector and door contacts greatly reduces any risk of false alarm.

How does the motion detector work with pets?
What the motion detector actually picks up on is body heat. It takes a change in temperature to trigger the alarm.

The thing to bear in mind: as you increase debility, you decrease the sensitivity. There’s a balancing act. You’ll often hear the term “pet friendly” out there … this doesn’t mean pet proof. A lot depends on the quality of the technician installing your unit.

The detector will take a signature of your pet, weight and mass, then try to ignore it. Motion detectors don’t like body heat moving in a vertical manner, so the technician needs to be educated enough to know not to put it looking at the stairs.

Additionally, the average pet friendly detector is only good up to 35 pounds, so you need to make it clear how big your dog is before installation. We can put in units all the way up to 100 pounds, and if  you need to go over 100 pounds, rest assured it can still be done by our world class technicians.

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